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Strata Insurance is a must-have for any property investor. Strata insurance provides a landlord from coverage from a range of events including weather disasters to accidental loss or damage.

Designed for residential buildings under a strata, group, body corporate or community title; insurance coverage protects your investment including the building and its common contents.

Have you ever considered the replacement or coverage costs of the following:

  • Motor burnout cover for electric motors, which are part of the building or common contents
  • Temporary accommodation costs if your investment is damaged or unliveable
  • Emergency repairs in the event of loss or damage
  • Exploration costs to find the source of water leaks that is causing damage to property or contents
  • Fraudulent embezzlement or theft of your funds by office bearers or your employees
  • Removal of debris or demolition following an insured incident
  • Landscaping or replacement of lawns, garden areas, trees, shrubs and plants in common areas
  • Replacement of locks in the event of a break in

Speak to your Metsure Insurance Brokers for more information or an evaluation on your existing Strata policy.


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