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Life cover, commonly known as term life insurance or death cover, might be an uncomfortable area to discuss. But it’s an essential part of ensuring your loved ones are protected in the unfortunate event of your death.

Life insurance is worth serious consideration. Setting up support can be the financial assistance your loved ones need to ensure they can continue to cover mortgage payments, school expenses and buy essentials.

Metsure Insurance Brokers can help you weigh up the need for life insurance along with other types of coverage such as income protection and disability cover. Every situation is different.

Metsure can help you to evaluate things such as:

  • Debts
  • Future childcare and education costs
  • How much income your family needs to live comfortably
  • Mortgage costs

Metsure can help you determine who within your household needs coverage, what your super comes with and ensure your policy is realistic and covers everything you need.

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