Why use an insurance broker?

    An insurance broker works for their client’s best interests at all times. An insurance broker is qualified to provide professional advice for your needs and can help you navigate a range of policies, explain what you’re covered for in the event you would need to make a claim.

    Metsure Insurance Brokers’ role is to source the best and most appropriate policy for each client. Our experienced brokers take into account each client’s circumstances and can advise you on the potential areas of risk and the insurance options available.

    What’s the difference between an agent and a broker?

    An agent is a representative of a specific insurance company. An insurance agent has a contractual arrangement to sell policies to members of the public.

    A broker represents their customers and deals with a range of insurers on behalf of the client to provide the best possible policy that suits their needs.

    Why choose Metsure Insurance Brokers?

    Between them Mick McKean and Ben Price, the two Metsure principals, have more than 45 combined years’ experience of broking behind them. Each brings discipline and unrivalled work ethic to the business.

    Mick, Ben and their team are focussed and passionate about finding their clients the best policies possible.  Their experience, track record and reputation in the insurance industry throughout Queensland and nationally provide their clients with the knowledge that their business and assets are protected.

    How do I know that the broker I am using is qualified?

    Insurance brokers are like any other professional and must be qualified. Just as you wouldn’t use a lawyer or a doctor without the correct accreditation, the same goes for insurance brokers. All brokerages must be licensed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). A broker’s conduct is regulated by ASIC and must comply with the requirements of their Australian Financial Services licence. In addition, all brokerages must ensure their advisers meet minimum ASIC standards of education.

    How do I know what insurance policy to ask for or what my business needs?

    Metsure Insurance Brokers have experts in getting to know each of their clients. You can speak to us with complete confidence as to the nature of your business and operating circumstances. Our experience is diversified and there’s not a business, event or asset we haven’t been trusted to cover.

    Each client is different and our job is to understand the nature of your business and the manner in which you operate. New policies are made available regularly, in response to ever-changing risks and circumstances. We offer regular policy reviews to ensure you’re receiving the most relevant and best coverage to suit you.

    How do I know if I have too much or enough insurance?

    Metsure Insurance Brokers are experts in the field. Our job is to identify the appropriate coverage for your needs and identify any areas of risk that you may want to consider as additional options.  We explain the risk and coverage as well as making sure you’re not “underinsured”. It’s our job to help inform and educate you to make the best possible decision on which insurance policy will best suit your needs and cover any potential liabilities.

    What happens if my circumstances change?

    Reviewing your insurance on a regular basis is always encouraged. Businesses are not static and circumstances change whether it’s employees, assets, property or industry. Changes also bring with them different risk exposures and making sure you’re insured for the right amount is paramount. We will ensure your policies are always relevant.


    Isn’t an insurance broker more expensive?

    Insurance policies are complex and can be overwhelming whether you’re renewing a policy or starting something brand new. Our role is to explain the terms and conditions, risks and coverage so you understand the policy and what it means for you or your business. An insurance broker has the ability to negotiate on your behalf, their knowledge of the industry and insurance providers can result in the most competitively priced product.

    How do I make a claim?

    The process for lodging a claim varies depending on the type of policy, the insurer and the circumstances. Your Claims Procedure documentation provides general information and all Metsure staff are trained to assist clients on how to go through the process. We’re also on hand to make sure our clients have a smooth claims process from start to finish and receive everything they’re entitled to receive in a timely manner. We recommend all our clients make contact as soon as possible in the event of loss, damage or incident. See our Real Case Studies for more information on how we’ve helped clients manage their claims.

    What is a Financial Services Guide (FSG)?

    A Financial Services Guide (FSG) must be given to a potential client by a licensee (or an Authorised Representative) as soon as practical. A FSG provides all the information a client needs on how a broker does business. The guide includes essential information such as:

    • Documents the standard basis on which we act for the client.
    • Provides all statutory notices and other required legal information.
    • Explains in full how we, Metsure, will handle a client’s business.
    What is a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)?

    A Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) is provided to clients before they make a decision to purchase an insurance policy. A PDS is issued by the insurer and highlights important information about the policy you have received a quote on. The PDS will provide you with information about the insurer, significant benefits and features, those areas that are not covered and what the significant risks are. Metsure clients are encouraged to read through the PDS with care and ask any questions or raise concerns before purchasing an insurance policy.

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